appsbar ®  FAQ's

1. How much does appsbar ®  cost?

appsbar ®     is free (to all users). Free to create an App, free to Publish an App, free to access appsbar ®   , just Free. In other words, it is …. free, zero cost, nada, no hidden fees, free.

2. How does my app get published?

“It takes a village”…as they say.


You’ve created your app and submitted it for publishing. Now what?


The development team from appsbar®    will further enhance your app to ensure it has all the necessary functionality, capabilities, and features required by major app market publishing guidelines. Many of the major app markets are concerned with a lot of technical stuff that we take care of in the background so that you can enjoy your app building experience.


You see, appsbar®    is much more than an app builder and publisher. appsbar®    is backed by a team of developers, whose only mission is to ensure you have a functional, creative, and innovative app to introduce to the world.


To ultimately get an app published it takes a thorough review from an appsbar®    development team member who understands the stringent requirements that are in place by the major app markets to ensure great apps are being published. Then, once we are satisfied that your app has the best chance of getting published, we then publish it to Appcatch and give you the ability to publish it to other major app markets.


So, what does all this mean to you? It means that we will review the app, make any required technical changes, offer suggestions to enhance your app, as needed, and be available to assist you in any way necessary to get your app published.


Both, our personal attention to each app submitted for review and our commitment to making each app the best it can be, are just some of what makes appsbar ®    so unique (and awesome)!


And, best of all….it is all FREE.

3. What is an APP?

Okay, we had to throw this in here because someone will ask! An app is short for “Application”. APPs are created for different uses: playing games, reading a book, checking a restaurant’s menus, news updates, even learning how to tie your shoe (well maybe not, but there might be an App for that)! appsbar®    allows you to create any APP (to do whatever you want it to do) and then allows you to share it with the world! AND, it is super easy....

4. What age do I have to be to create an App?

This is serious and we are not kidding around on this one – appsbar®    users must be 13 or older, period (even though we write the instructions for a 6 year old). Not kidding....13 or older!

5. What’s the purpose of appsbar®  ?

To make apps accessible to all. You get to create, share and be yourself. You will not have to pay now or later. This is truly to give all of the world access to creating your very own, uniquely yours - App!

6. How long does it take to create an App on appsbar®  ?

Seriously, not 20 minutes for a simple App...a little longer if you are creating forms or a menu and are inputting a lot of information. However, it is crazy simple!!!!

7. What if I start and don’t finish?

Why wouldn’t you finish?? Just kidding…technically you don’t have to finish an app during the same session in which you start it but don’t worry, it will be waiting in your account for you to complete the next time you login. But don’t wait too long – we are eager to share your app with the world

8. Can I share these apps with my friends?

Yes, once you “publish” your App it will be available to the world (or your friends) in approximately 3-5 days. (Yep, still FREE)

9. How do I share my App with my friends: By Publishing it.

Your App, once submitted, is reviewed for “appropriateness” (that means “doing the right thing”). Most will be published in 3-5 days and then you can announce it to all your friends, clients, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, create a video on YouTube, or share with Google Plus, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Reddit, MySpace and all other social networks.

10. How long does it take to get my app published?

We want to make sure that your app is of the best quality possible and meets the publishing guidelines of the major app markets. First, we have our quality assurance experts (developers) review the app to ensure it meets the guidelines of the respective app store. Once it does, then we send it off for publishing (see “How does my app get published?” for all the details). This process may take 3-5 business days depending on what is required.


Then we publish it to Appcatch and give you the ability to publish it to other major app markets.


We will keep you up-to-date about your app’s progress by email, so watch your inbox!

11. How much does it cost?

We know we already answered this, but we know it is unbelievable, after all, remember the old adage, “If it’s too good to be true...”. Well, guess what, we are going to be the ones that turns that saying upside down. Using appsbar®    to create and publish unlimited APPs is FREE, seriously, no strings attached. Free, in every language, FREE

12. How long until my app is in the Marketplace?

It typically takes about 3-5 days in order for your app to get through the review process. It then takes about 3-5 days in order to make it through the publishing phase.

We keep you updated on your app’s progression through each phase both through email and through your account. Your app status can be seen in the App Manager page of your account. Once you see your app’s Appcatch icon turn orange in your account, your app is available for download in Appcatch – the fastest growing app market in the world!

13. Who can use appsbar®  ?

Anyone 13 or older….

14. Can I create it with any computer:

Yes, absolutely – all you need is a keyboard, computer and monitor. appsbar®    is supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

15. Do I need to have a smart phone to create an App?


16. How many apps can I create?

There is no limit….create to your heart’s content!

17. Can I sell my app?

No, you can only create free apps. Besides, you know if it is a great app, someone would copy it and offer it for free, anyway!

18. How do I create an application?

We are happy to say, this part is easy. Just create your login, read our Terms of Service, and begin. “Digi” (our wizard) walks you through creating your app...step by step. And, questions and screens are similar in different parts of the creation process so you don’t have to try to figure out what you are doing every time you go to a new section. Better yet, we offer additional help screens:

19.Will my new app work on iPhones and iPads?

Yes. HTML5 apps created with appsbar®    run great on iPhones and iPads.

20. Help "?" Question Mark

These are quick hints or definitions to make your app building easier and helpful tips or ideas to assist you in the screen that you are using...

21. Will my app also work on Windows Phone and Blackberry?

Yes. HTML5 app created with appsbar®    also run great on Windows Phones and Blackberrys.

22. I finished my application, now what?

Once you submit your App for publishing, you have completed your App. Your HTML5 web app and Facebook app are immediately ready to publish. After your app is approved internally by appsbar®, it will immediately be available on Appcatch. Within 3 to 5 days, you will have the ability to publish it to other major app markets. In the mean time, tell the world!

23. What are the Terms and Conditions?

Click here to find out…

24. What is your Privacy Policy?

Click here to find out…

25. How much does it cost?

We knew you wanted some more assurance so….wait for it….FREE!

26. Is appsbar®  just another development kit?

No…we have Digi (wizard). It’s super easy. It works. It does a lot of crazy, cool stuff, and it is FREE. But seriously, here are just a few of the cool features:

27. Will my app really perform like a professionally created (costly) app?

Absolutely! Otherwise, why bother?

28. Who created appsbar®  ?

A bunch of techies at appsbar®    headquarters. [They had nothing better to do and really love apps].

29. What devices are supported?

Currently, appsbar®    Native Android apps are supported. Our HTML5 apps are able to operate on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Facebook and websites.

30. How can I find my app once it has been accepted?

Once your app has been accepted by our review team, both your HTML5 app and Android app will be available for installation through Appcatch. You will know that your app is available on Appcatch once your Appcatch icon lights up orange in the App Manager page of your account. To get to your app simply click on the Appcatch icon in your account and follow the link provided.

You can also log on to from your mobile device and type in your app name. After you find your app, follow the instructions to install the app to your device. If your phone has a QR Code scanner, you can also log on from your desktop or laptop and scan the code from your mobile device to launch the application!

31. How can I remove my app?

By clicking on the “Comments/Help” section in your account you will find an option that says, “Remove My App”. In the message provide us with your username and the name of the app(s) that you would like removed and we will begin processing your request.

32. How do I delete pages?

In order to delete pages simply click on the “Delete” option in the desired app’s Page Manager. The only page that you cannot remove is the contact page. This page is required in order to give your app holders a way to make contact with you in order to make comments, suggestions, or to ask questions.

33. How long does it take for content to update on the actual app?

All of the content changes made within the page manager are updated real-time. Changes to your description, App Icon, or Splash Screen images require an updated APK file to be uploaded into Google Play. In order to have a new APK uploaded simply contact us at

34. What size images should use in my app settings?

Images are automatically adjusted in order to fit the default sizes. The following image sizes are in pixels:

App Icon - 512x512

Splash Screen – 320x480

35. How do I sell products with the Commerce capability?

The appsbar commerce capability is done in accordance the 'menu' module. After you've activated your app's commerce status, you'll be prompted to edit your commerce settings. You'll then use a 'menu' module (page) to showcase the items/services you'd like to sell. Once you've selected a 'menu' module, adding a page name and page icon, you'll select the 'product' layout. This will enable you to upload images, set pricing, description, etc. When a user downloads the app, they will see the products/services available on the 'menu' module you've created. This will allow them to make their choice and select the quantity. The transaction is reviewed, approved and completed through the shopping cart. You subsequently receive an email from PayPal of the order and a notification inside your account on the details of the order.

36. How much does a Google/Apple developer account cost?

A Google Play developer account typically costs $25. An iTunes Connect developer account typically costs $100.

37. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Seriously… no hosting, no publishing costs, no FEES. This really is free

38. Do I need to know programming?

No! The only thing you need to know is your name, email address, and your age. The rest is easy...

39. For more information, read the Fine Print:

free, free, free, free, free!

40. What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please submit the question by clicking here. If it is not unbearably ridiculous, we will answer it in our Community and maybe even add it to our FAQs. However, if it is ridiculous we will publish it on our homepage with your name and address (just kidding).

Seriously, no question or concern is stupid…we want to hear from our users! This way, we will be able to provide you with the best App Builder EVER!