November 19, 2014

How To Build a App For Free

Building an app is not simple, nor can it be done as easy as, say, doing your laundry, or making a fast breakfast. Building an app demands your full attention, as well as resources and steady flow of income. But, even the best of us, sometimes can’t help and wonder: how to build a app for free? Read more and find the answer as we continue our saga where we previously left it, right at the middle of configuring an AVD.

Creating activities

If you happen to read our previous text where we extensively elaborate the configuration of Android SDK, then you surely must know that we’ve stopped right before creating a new activity, due to our limitation of space. But, fear no more, for just like Appsbar, we too can create an app from scratch and build great source of income starting with nothing but our particular niche skills.

Now, in this area, you can wonder how to build a app for free, or choose between blank activity, full screen activity or master and detail flow which your app will run on. There’s also the option of ‘blank activity’ which enables you to create a new activity and tweak additional optional navigation buttons such as the famous horizontal swipe action or vertical swipe altogether. Now click next and start configuring your app’s activity. Here you can name your main activity, your layout and the navigation type under which the app will function. Of course, click next. The finished interface will look something like windows explorer, only more complicated and convoluted, but don’t worry, because we’re here to enlighten every app developer since that’s our job, and we love our job. The whole thing runs under Java, a coding language that in its final form closely resembles Appsbar, the best mobile app maker on the market.

We’ve now reached the half of the paradigm on how to build a app for free, so bear with us couple of text lines more in order to find out what’s the best way to realize your app dream.

Getting technical

Let’s take a look the technical stuff everyone avoids and hates: in the explorer discussed above, be sure to navigate into ‘res-layout’ and open the ‘activity_main.xml’ file. You will see a preordained message in a form of ‘Hello World’ (the first message ever to be broadcasted by a programming language); delete that because you don’t need it for your app and create attributes that are static by selecting ‘res-values-strings.xml’. New window will pop up under a new tab with the name strings.xml glued on top of it; here you can either add new entry, or choose the already existing color entry and put the following attributes inside: for name choose appColor, and for value enter #eeeeee (6 x ‘e’) and press enter. If you got confused and got lost in our article on how to build a app for free, be sure to go back and re-read the article in its entirety, because the difficult part is just before our doorsteps. Or head on to Appsbar dot com and make the quickest, most efficient and visually satisfying app for free.

Adding more strings

Lastly, add strings in a form of attributes: name/value ‘miles’ to ‘Miles’, name/value ‘kilometers’ to ‘kilometers per hour’ and name/value ‘calc’ to ‘calculate’. Also, be sure to switch to ‘strings.xml’ after this step, because this is very important. Furthermore, you can google the code and check for similar solutions on how to build a app for free online, or just use Appsbar and save yourself the trouble of wasting precious time and go on a picnic or do something fun.

November 19, 2014

How to Make a App Free From Scratch

In this article we will glimpse across the many ways possible of how to make a app free of charge, without any prior programming knowledge or other demanding conditions. Just sit back, relax and let this guide fill your cortex with inspiration, or in medical terms – endorphin secretion.

As a disclaimer, the following tutorial covers Android Jelly Bean, as well as the API level number 17. The app in mind will convert miles per hour to kilometers per hour, and of course, will be made up entirely from scratch, without any prior coding experience whatsoever (but little bits of XML and Eclipse knowledge won’t hurt either).

Basic steps

First, you need to install the famous Android SDK and IDE tools; there’s a bundle package for that, so head on to Google, type ‘Android SDK development tools’ and let the magic of the browser do the rest. Then click on the link provided, check if it’s virus-free and continue with your plan – to make a app free – the best one on the market. Now you can start Eclipse and follow on.

Making a virtual machine

To make everything happen on your desktop or other stationary computing machine, you need an emulator or a virtual machine that will run things for you, like debugging, testing and cover other important aspects of building apps. Of course, with everything being virtual, there’s slim chance of anything going wrong – if for some reason that happens – make sure you uninstall all software you injected before and install it again. When that’s done, go to the navigation toolbar and open an executable file under the name of ‘Android Virtual Device Manager’. Click the button that says ‘New’ to make a virtual machine and make sure you enable the ‘Use Host GPU’ option. With the same enabled, the GPU will render the AVD with light speed – if set correctly.


After that continue on your path to make a app free and start the AVD executable. In the AVD section, open a new file and make an Android Application project, with all parameters involved, and even those that are not included. Choose the minimum required SDK, the Target SDK, the compiler and your app’s theme. After that (or before that, it depends on your point of view), choose a name for your app, a name for your project and a package name. By clicking next, the window will change to a ‘configure project’ interface. Here you can create your custom launcher icon (if you happen to be the undiscovered artist), the app activity, as well as marking the project inside your app library, or create your project in a controlled workspace folder or subfolder. You can also choose to add your project to a working set, or just visit Appsbar and make your app on the fly.

The Launcher Icon

This icon, as stated above, is configurable in both the artistic and the programming way. You can change all attributes of your launcher icon, or do them one at a time while you make a app free. Now, the interchangeable things: you can change the foreground, or upload an image, clipart or even text if you desire to do so; afterwards comes the trimming of a potential blank space if it happens to surround your launcher icon; then there’s the additional padding (with crop and center as modifiable parameters), square, circle or other shapes and of course, the background color. When all of the above is done, click next and wait for the activity to happen.

For additional information on how to make a app free, check some other articles from the series of tutorials made especially for developers like you.

November 19, 2014

How to Make Apps For Free

Everyone (and we mean literally anybody) in their lifespan tried to make at least one mobile app a part of his reality, hence the question how to make apps for free was introduced to the general public. Since then, most people abandoned their ideas for a subpar job, or something else entirely. But, those who realized things can go in their favor never gave up hope. This is an article for those who dream big and are not afraid to cut the strings life managed to tangle above them.

So, making apps has spread far and wide among millennials (and other, more experienced developers) leading to a rising trend of app platforms, software, codes and other things apps are made of; this issue closely correlates with the inverse proportion of quantity versus quality – hence it seems developers now try to make more apps, but at a lesser price, sometimes even free. This goes back to our problem of how to make apps for free among other doings, which is not so easy understandable after all.

One great example of fully functioning web platform that makes mobile apps is Appsbar, but we will get to that later. Firstly, let’s see how an app can be made, both from scratch and from an already developed digital infrastructure.

Basically, developers realized they can do anything from everything, so they copied codes from whatever webpage was within their reach, and started emulating different platforms, without asking the question in mind, i.e. how to make apps for free and other doings. However, another wave, moving in the opposite direction hit against these so-called app makers, coming in a form of legitimate webpages that offer tolls and builds that eventually make a top-tier mobile application, without hesitations or other suspicions whatsoever.


Remember where we previously left? Whether you’re a small business owner, corporate person or even a Xerox salesman, Appsbar will fulfill any need you may or may not have, and to top even that, will do the same with an impeccable style. You can add everything: from product descriptions to app information – even sections and employees, as well as calendars are not exempt of this rule. Also you can add widgets, review, link your app to Facebook and YouTube (and other famous social network providers), etc. Still wondering how to make apps for free? Appsbar will solve all of your potential app problems, demanding nothing but 10 minutes of your precious time in order for everything to look like it should, i.e. professional.

Clicking on images and dragging them also adds to making of the app in question, but honestly, who has the time to do that? In these modern times, everyone is busy working, trying to expand its business (or even start a new one), keeping in touch with his family, trying to find a suitable living space (along with the working space) and other things: that’s why, not everyone has the time to research how to make apps for free, and here’s where Appsbar comes into consideration.

Appsbar offers links to the main menu, radio buttons, moving platforms, assigning values to an object (which in turn comes under a certain pre-defined class) – all with the simple mechanic of drag and drop, now widely used among mobile app enthusiasts. Never again you’ll have to move away from your business, family or other important life event, because Appsbar is online and accessible from anywhere in the world through the miraculous invention that is Internet (except in countries where the internet is banned, although, there are only few of those left).

As a conclusion, just visit the platform and everything will become clear after the first click on the page.

November 19, 2014

How to Create a App Free

The subject on how to create a app free sky rocketed in recent times (mostly thanks to the Internet and the inexplicable user knowledge) and as such, every key element and detail was considered, with a conclusion going in favor of mobile platforms as Android and iOS (even Windows Mobile). In continuation we will consider some tips on the subject in the title, in a manner that’s not boring both for the reader and the writer of this article.

Take Appsbar for example – it is a mobile churner web platform that enables enough room for creativity so you don’t get bored even after you make your 100-th mobile application (figuratively or literally speaking). The site offers every little thing your app needs – classes, objects and the things in between, like great (interactive) bold interface, flappy bird fun etc. Thinking about create a app free? You’ve came to the right spot for that my friend.

For example, if you’d want to make an application that’s both interesting and fun for people to look at, you’d have to invest quite enough a portion of your precious time; in order for this truism not to be true, head on to Appsbar’s website and use the tools for your own benefit to create a app free, and of course – for the benefit of the community you live in (and even wider!).

Appsbar allows each and every parameter (visual) to be tweaked, changed and molded by you – the user, which automatically makes it user friendly and at the same time provides gains for everybody involved (in making the app, be it you as an individual, your company, or a corporate body with you in charge). That said, do not wait and hesitate yourself out of the equation: visit Appsbar and follow the instructions provided there for additional tweaking: after all, it’s your company that matters most, and profits are not easy for one to come upon, especially in these contemporary times. Now every government wants to control a programmer’s output, be it a project such as create a app free, or another one in a form of mobile applications. Whatever the case, Appsbar is here to guide you along the merry way of actually doing things, instead of dreaming about them indefinitely; that’s right, with a platform churner like this, all of your dreams can become reality, with a small step like one click of a button away!

Of course, you can choose to make a mobile application from scratch, but what’s the point in that if you have all the tools available: not only you will save precious time (used to visit your family and relatives, friends), but you will also alleviate the headaches of responsibility – once and for all! With developers being in charge for future changes in the mobile app world, and an idea man like yourself, be afraid no more – the world will indeed become a better place through the advancements in technology and other areas, such as medicine, bio-chemistry etc. Remember, if you create a app free of charge, you too can contribute to any of the aforementioned fields, and more. The future is now, and you are the future of mobile app development, along with Appsbar.

Slowly, we head ourselves to the end of this article, in which we briefly touched issues like create a app free, or make a mobile application all by yourself using the tools provided to you by a mobile maker platform like Appsbar; hope this article will inspire people to search for technology answers in the right spots, and use those same answers to make the best mobile application available. Indeed, the future is now.

October 21, 2014

The Best Software to Make Apps

Have you ever had a moment where you just don’t know how to continue? Have you ever wondered how to find a software to make apps, because that was your dream, and now it shattered in thousands of pieces, leaving you confused and hopeless? Be afraid no more -Appsbar brings a solution to all of your app related problems: read more to find out how to avoid procrastinating and build your own free mobile application.

The custom app creation is supported by all platforms, with declarative components collecting the most data they can, and every component is reusable, which brings up another point: since when did free apps ceased to be fun and creative and instead took a turn to the worst?

However is the case, all free app components are designed with a specific issue in mind – compatibility with all existing platforms. Also, a wide array of support for said platforms is crucial in order for the native integration to hit markets, when the appropriate time comes that is. And a software to make apps, what’s with that business?

– Most companies will keep their free app making tools conceived from the general public, but not Appsbar – this standalone online studio is offering everything on a plate – your job is to click some buttons, mash your controller (if you surf the web through Xbox One or other similar computing hybrids) and pick your preferred color– you will get a full app that represents you personally, or your business if you choose so.If you don’t have software to make apps, don’t worry: full freedom is offered to you by the webpage developers: isn’t that sweet?

Anyways, the CSS3 standard (along with HTML5) proved as the best in the current IT industry, all thanks to the MAF platform and its key components used to build the same. The platform performs best on a phone or tablet, but runs best on a home-built computing machine. With a mere button pressing, the platform will start and all you have to do is drag and drop the preferred components into your digital working space in order for the app to start. Tablet adjustments often prove harder than a phone setup, albeit phones are more complex for debugging and emulating virtual machines. Installing software to make apps on a tablet should not represent as problem by itself, but if you choose to do so, do it very carefully, for sometimes the platform crashes when presented with similar operation tweaking.

Now, where were we? Oh, that’s right: we were talking about Appsbar, the best software to make apps on the free mobile app market. Why the best? – Because it offers the fastest and most reliable app services, full time app monitoring and endless app revisions with its software that’s both innovative and visionary at the same time. Other people are fond of their offers, and you should follow the same steps and make your own app within the world of Appsbar!

Any utilization of programmable components is founded on top of the SDK platform, which can either be used for expanding the view phones currently have, or constrain the tablets’ screen sizes. With its visually attractive screens and bold design, the platform currently ranks among the best from its kind, losing only to Appsbar, the experience we talked about before. Also, more often than not, the MAF can incorporate third-party notifications that contain pre-coded libraries, so there’s that as information bombardment.

And here we come to a full stop, leaving users to decide whether or not Appsbar is worthy enough for your abundance of time (hint: it is!).