September 30, 2014

The Secrets of How to Create App Free and Use it Afterwards

Boredom is the universal acclaimed condition that prevents human minds to do something useful (like create app free software components) and instead redirects minds on procrastination and infinite delays in future working projects. To avoid the ‘black plague’ of office space, here’s some android apps that’ll help you to transpose your boredom into useful action, no matter your age or living location.

Rival Knights

Yes, it’s a game, and yes – it features medieval Lancers trying to knock each other of off the field of battle. With putting medieval armor, undergarments and getting on your acclaimed battle-horse, now you too can experience the heat of Rival Knights, a F2P game from Gameloft featuring, well, knight jousting and similar doings. The combat is all about timing your moves to perfection and playing mini-games in order to take that extra momentum which will put your opponents out of the game by knocking them on their donkey saddles. Slamming into your opponent with your lance was never funnier, nor more addictive than Rival Knights’ game play. Also, if original lancing wasn’t enough for you, the app offers customizable horses, gears and whatnot, all packed within a beautiful 3D rendered environment, which was obviously not create app free and put into motion project.

Google Docs

The app allows users the freedom to create and tweak their documents on various mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. And for those familiar enough with the previous Google Drive features, Google Docs now extends the same, all while providing same features, such as offline functioning, data syncing and editing in collaboration. And a recent addition just spawned from the search giant: Google Slides is the newest software from Google, providing users with viewing slideshows and editing their documents in a way that bypasses create app, free or otherwise projects.


Have all those Gmail and the now infamous iCloud inbox troubles with following each and every one of them simultaneously? Mailbox comes to the rescue, with the minimalistic interface it offers and the options to scan through all of your data quickly and with sharp accuracy. You can also choose to delete some spam messages and send them into the trash, or even archive them and let Mailbox do the rest for you. And check this out: it has a learning feature which makes good use of the ‘snooze conversations’ option, or muting them if they proved to be that boring. But, if you happen to not be a Gmail or iCloud user, then you’re all out of luck and maybe the time has come to return to create app free projects.


It looks as slick as it sounds: Sunrise is an app best experienced at nighttime, with its neat visuals and a power-force calendar options combined to offer the ‘enjoyment while working’ paradigm. Sunrise has all model varieties on your disposal: weekly, monthly or agenda view options, and it syncs with all major accounts, like your Google, Facebook and Linkedin profiles. It also supports local time, quick events and tagging of a certain location. And you thought create app free projects were here to bring you relaxation.


The mere expression of this app may distract your generic gamer into thinking about a Zerg rush, but it’s far from it: Swarm is a spin-off sister app coming under the Foursquare umbrella, offering both functionality and minimalistic design for better ‘tagging’ and ‘checking’ options. Seeing nearby Foursquare dwellers has never been easier; also, getting in touch with your friends (who must also use the Foursquare network or the Swarm app) is a push of mere two-three buttons away. Become the social checking king/queen with Swarm, without the need to create app, free or otherwise.

September 30, 2014

Guide on How to Create an Android App – Free and Painless

The main thing behind projects like create an android app free and other similar is the time and effort put into them, because let’s be honest: not everyone has the time to envision, sketch and realize a fully functional android application. On top of that, surely you must pay enormous sums each month in order to maintain your phone’s data contract, and with time being scarce, feel free to take a quick glimpse into our app list we compiled for your convenience.

Nova Launcher

It’s fast, it’s sleek and offers fully customizable features – Nova Launcher (not the city from Half-Life 2) stands among the best android apps out there on the marketplace. Its customizable utility features are what’rekeeping Nova Launcher on a separate shelf from other, countless unworthyapp clones. The app manages to balance appearance and functionality, offering the best viewing home screen experience since the inception of Android as a mobile OS. You can use lots of options too: various icon packs, dock customizations, themes and screensavers – all are just a speck of dust of what’s offered by Nova Launcher (you can also scroll infinitely). Updates will allow you to experience some KitKataction with transparent system located bars, and you will find yourself asking the question: Was I really thinking of how to create an android app free by myself?

Copy Bubble

Ever felt like your clipboard control is taken over by clunky interfaces and unclear instructions? Well, fear no more, for Copy Bubble brings back what was rightfully yours in the first place. With it, you can easily conduct any copy/paste operations you desire doing, all while a bubble closely watches every operation you make, ready to interject by any means necessary (something along the lines of Chat Heads options in Facebook Messenger). Just a simple tap on the bubble will bring back the clipboard interface, allowing an easy selection of texts which then can be copied and pasted without much ado, or removed completely from the clipboard. With Copy Bubble, users also have the option to checkweb interfaces, in case if an URL ends up being copied.


Create an android app free was you main thing, but now you want to move forward and use some of the already existing android apps. But how about you flex your brain muscles first? Lumosity is a proven app that expands the brain’s logical thinking andsolving problems ability –all derived from the Human Cognition Project amalgamated into interactive games for everyone’s convenience (in fact, we were just about to start exercising!). All you have to do is create an account on the site and let the masters send daily exercise routines based on your current logical thinking level. You will always be challenged, because the app tracks your overall progress and scores and changes mini-games according to your results on previous ones. By going premium, you can gain access to more options and further expand your prefrontal cortex.

Cocktail Flow

If you happen to enjoy insome good external juices that keep your homeostasis on par (and who doesn’t like to drink) and you forgot how to create an android app free and painless in the meantime, then Cocktail Flow keeps your bartending skills on a high level. Whether you’re looking for recipes, preparation instructions or similar drink recommendations, Cocktail Flow will provide all of it and more: its Barstock option helps you in choosing the color, type and base drink of a certain cocktail beverage. Also, you can label your favorite and the app will remember them so you don’t have to. So, what’re you waiting for? Create an android app free and mix some cocktails along the way!

September 29, 2014

How to Make an App for Free

The challenge continues: for everyone without the time to realize a project of enormous heights such as how to make an app for free or similar, here’s a list of kids apps to fill the void left by the previous events in your day-to-day life routine.

Jelly Car 2

With the original Jelly Car breaking every app record there was to break, its successor stands on firm ground too –Jelly Car 2 will give your kids the fun time they deserve to have, without any side effects such as losing the real-world connection that’s keeping the sanity inside the house. It has 30 new levels, three additional modes (one being afully customizable option that lets the player to make his own jelly car and whatnot) and other in-game nomenclature items like new balloon features and ‘sticky wheel’ shenanigans. Following the footsteps of how to make an app for free ideas and maybe you won’t have to do it anymore: Jelly Car 2 costs $.99 and is playable by kids aged 5 and above. On the plus side, with all those silly car maneuvers, maybe your kid will learn a thing or two about real world physics (which is fun as long as it’s conceived as a game).

Super Why!

An app focused toward preschool children, Super Why! takes all famous fairytale characters, puts a cute spin on them and launches everything together for your kids’ enjoyment. And while they’re having fun, coincidentally or not, they also learn the alphabet, spelling, writing and reading – all conveyed in a way that’s not boring as in similar mobile software realizations. As if that wasn’t enough, Super Why! also comes with an addictive theme song that’ll surely stay for the ride in the unhappy parents’ heads. Ever wondered how to make an app for free? Download Super Why! for $2.99 and save yourself from the trouble in the process.


Someone thinks this is annoying, another rates it as hilarious – but whatever compliment you choose to award SmackTalk with, it’ll surely be your exclusive decision you’ll have to spend the rest of your life with. The app records all ramblings parents are subjected by their children to hear and depending on your choice, it plays them either in a “high squeaky or low freaky voice”, all accompanied by a hamster background (or another critter by your choice, again), so, yeah. It comes at the price of $.99, and trust us, it would be your best dollar spent ever.

The Pianist

No, this is not the grim Roman Polanski adaptation of WWII events – it’s rather an app that transforms your iPhone into a piano with 88 keys, all within reach of your 2-year old Beethoven’s and Mozart’s. A slick and animated piano keys will depress as your kid presses them, and when a sonata is ready for the public, you can choose to record it and play it back as much as hardcore fans’ ovations require so. It may not answer the question of how to make an app for free, but The Pianist will surely provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. Yes, even for your Uncle Tom, even for you.

Scribble Lite

Transitioning from music to contemporary art, you can now turn your iPhone into a sketching pad, for free! Your kids will be eager to start painting with Scribble Lite, using lots of different colors, photographic options and other additions that pretty much resemble Microsoft’s Paint. And then, after your Pollock’s geniuses finish their latest masterpiece, just shake the iPhone and the art will vanish, leaving room for more masterpieces to be created by the kids. Still confused on how to make an app for free? For that we suggest you try reading one of our first articles where we elaborate everything there is to know about such doings.

September 29, 2014

The best apps for kids an Appmaker cannot possibly make

We all know the excruciating experience of standing in a line and waiting for a miracle to happen in order to find the best kids apps among thousands of other similar mobile entertainment software. To save you from the pain of appmaker inconveniences, here is a list of the best kids apps you cannot possibly avoid.

Helicopter Taxi

If you’re children happen to like transportation role-playing and/or aerial moving and making onomatopoetic sounds of helicopter’s buzzing, this app may well be the perfect fit for their daily entertaining needs (which over the years, became tougher and tougher to satisfy). Toddlers, while playing in an augmented reality setting, will have the joy to experience flying copters followed by virtual cameras which simulate the effect of flying in the air. Appmaker or not, by moving the device with Helicopter Taxi running, your kids will turn pilots and steer the copter whenever they like, without the danger of actual crashing. The app also features passengers’ pickup as an extra stimulus to put in motion the gears in the kids’ learning curve. With strikingly beautiful graphics, your kids will become the makers of their own flying adventure. The app comes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, rated ages 3 and up.

Pocket Frogs

While sounding as strange as it can be on its own, Pocket Frogs is a cute app that features cute and colorful amphibians involved in a breeding environment controlled by non-other than your beloved children (or if it gets boring – you). With the app kids will be able to trade, breed and collect frogs in various habitats ‘tweakable’ by nature. Also, it has a multiplayer option, featuring more than 50 earnable rewards because, well, who doesn’t like them? It’s free for children ages 4 and up and no, it doesn’t come with a free appmaker.

Cut the Rope

Now, let’s be honest here: Cut the Rope is an app that even people living back when ‘the app frenzy’ wasn’t a thing, can enjoy. It even has a narrative: Om Nom is trusted with the quest to solve various puzzles by cutting the rope (duh!) in order to redirect a candy into its own belly. But beware, it’s an addictive app/game that’ll take most of your kids time (if your toddler gets hooked), or even make your office hours pass faster than was initially thought (if you get hooked). Its price tag stands at $.99 and its appmaker version is yet to be released (if ever).

Plants Vs. Zombies

Another obvious choice here, Plants Vs. Zombies markets itself as a ‘plants vs. zombies simulator’, which, given the false advertising companies exploit these days, is actually not far away from the objective truth. The number of zombie-types your kid will battle against counts up to 26, using more than 50 plant types made by the best appmaker software ever developers had a chance to stumble upon. It has 50 levels of addictive game play, providing enjoyment for every member your family has! It costs $2.99 and it’s available for iPad and iPhone. If you however, happen to not have any of Apple’s top notch devices, feel free to check out the newest Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare FPS game for Xbox One and other consoles.

Disney Fairies Fly

If Tinker bell was your kid’s favorite cartoon heroine, look no further than the app named above. Its game mechanic revolves around tilting the device back and forth, enabling movements of the game protagonist through the wonderfully rendered world that is Pixie Hollow. Basically all you do is collecting rewards and points cloaked in the form of treasures, all while avoiding obstacles – typical for 2 and a half D plat former ‘flyer’ games. For $4.99 your kids can now enjoy the beautiful world inhabited by Disney’s Peter Pan and his faithful companion Tinker bell. And yes, appmaker satisfaction is guaranteed.

September 25, 2014

Basic overview on how to create free apps

Let’s assume you’re well over your forties, and your general health condition becomes a major concern of yours – as typically among people of that age. And of course, to create free apps is not the primary goal you’ve written on your fridge, instead finding one that actually monitors your overall health and well-being is. Read on and find out the names of the best medical apps available on the market.


It’s free and it offers interactive view for each and every day (or week) of the baby you’re carrying. It also comes with images of how the advanced stages of the pregnancy will look like and this is a great addition a future mom’s Smartphone must have. Furthermore, the app includes doctor appointment slog, data on everyday food habits, various types of exercise and the most interesting feature: possible baby names (celebrity picks excluded). If you’re a future parent, then this would be the perfect app for you and your family, without the need to create free apps, or other projects.

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis

This app is generally meant for medicine practitioners such as nurses, doctors, students and others. It allows users to make a medical diagnosis assumption and try and prove it via the app –deducting on what’s best for the patient. Any theories regarding the Prognosis: Your Diagnosis helps determine the underline causes of a certain illness (only if used by the professional healthcare team). It’s updated regularly and it has a great potential to become the next great thing in digital technology.

Skeleton System Pro III

It has no less than 600 labeled bone points, full body rotation (360 degrees) on each and every part, plus animations that help to observe certain movements (hand, hips or other). Referred by some as the “ultimate study in learning the complex structure of the human skeleton”, the app will help students to achieve what their ancestors couldn’t have done without a live skeleton. Also, users can choose to have hints turned on or off, browse through public databases and more features that make Skeleton System Pro III the perfect app for venturing into the human body, without the need to create free apps for such purpose.

Vision Test

Made by 3 sided Cube, Vision Test allows users to test their vision through various tests such as Duochrome, Astigmatism, far-field vision and Color. It’s certainly a useful app, but it is in no way a substitute for a real eye examination, or create free apps for that matter. It will however, give you more information and enlighten you in a way you’ll feel more relaxed when visiting the Ophthalmologist. It comes for iPhone and iPad, working on iOS 6.0 and above versions. It’s also free.


The loss of hearing is a condition that in most cases (not all) happens over a prolonged time period and should always be treated seriously and with professional help. With that being said, uHear is an app containing useful features like keeping notes on your hearing abilities, monitoring your overall hearing status and checking for possible hearing deterioration. Just like the previous one, it’s free and harmless, so why not try it and check everything regarding your hearing?

Diabetes Atlas 6

Diabetes as an illness is not easy to explain to patients: not everyone reads the info regarding their condition, or follows every link provided to them by their physicians. The app helps patients to get along the way of educating themselves through various color figures, diagrams and other wrapped data for everyone’s convenience.

Worried for the lack of create free apps projects? You can stop worrying immediately and check your general welfare with any of the listed apps above.