October 16, 2014

How To accidently Stumble Upon Mobile App Builder Free Explications

Bored to death? Don’t know how to continue with your ephemeral existence in absence of mobile app builder free software time-wasters? Didn’t do your underwear this week because you were lazy to do so? Other existential question that leads to damnation is bothering you? Don’t worry, all you need to do is make popcorn, relax, avoid too much salt and read on. Maybe you will learn something in continuation. Maybe.

7. 8Tracks Playlist Radio

Another thing worth noticing: just like the myriad messaging mobile apps available on the mobile app market, there’s the same amount of music apps, which makes the choice of buying that much harder (and more time consuming). But, 8Tracks Playlist differs from other with its slick design (again), bold interface (again) and updated software kernel (not again!). While not being your typical mobile app builder free material from which other apps are made of, 8Tracks also has numbers and letters in its title, so it must be better than other similar apps without such semantic implementations. The conclusion here adheres to everything we previously said: the app supports Chromecast, and the new updated version sticks closer to conservative user satisfaction by fixing any previous bugs the app might had, and adding the ability of sorting through and with music numbers (or, as millennial refer to: tracks), and tagging everything you think is popular nowadays – like Nicky Minaj or Sarah Michelle Gellar (don’t know if she started singing, but it’s worth mentioning nevertheless).Our tradition of going sideways when explaining the pros and cons within a mobile app continues, and regarding the manner, check this out: 8Tracks also has a playlist option (as hinted in the title) which users can use to make, well, playlists (and upload them to YouTube or Google+ afterwards). Mobile app builder free presumptions aside, 8Tracks is worth having, at least for a while – when better apps take the market and you no longer have the need of the mobile software, or if radio cassettes make a comeback (like the vinyl hype not so long ago)in our ephemeral lives. Oh, and it’s free – yay!

8. Tasker 4.5

With robots slowly taking control over the decadent globe we all share our existence in, it is no strange that Tasker comes with a tool for automating your whole life data into a single interface which is – you guessed it – the Tasker itself. It is powerful (or so the people that’ve used it claim that is), recently it got upgraded to 4.5 (by recently, we mean over the course of the previous week from the time you’re reading this) and it provides users with mobile app builder free options, such as picking any location bugs, supporting Google Maps AVI v.2 and for the first time in the app’s history, enabling dragging and dropping as a new way of “doing things”. Searching a location was never an easy task, in fact, it was a gargantuan one (Gargantua being a literary figure from the ages of the renaissance movements), and with Tasker 4.5 all of your problems would dissolve into a nice, cold fusion of “doing whatever you wanted to do in the first place”, while you were living without the beauties this app offered. And now, Tasker in many things differs from its other counterparts: namely, it’s not free, and its design is not bold and slick (although, its interface is!); for as little as $2.99, Tasker will be yours and mobile app builder free headaches will indefinitely leave your four-walled room, searching for a better place to put their frustration chains on. Hint: if you don’t like Tasker, try Auto magic. You never heard that from us though.

October 16, 2014

App Maker for Android And Other Important Things You Must Know

Well, well, well, we meet again: of course, our previous two (most recent) articles were unfinished, so we guess that’s why you decided to click on the third one, the wholly grail among unbelievers, the Indiana Jones among Threepwoods’, the Yin among unidentified Yangs’, and other semantic traps they’re in no way connected with app maker for android tips, free software android apps or other apps they’re not free, but were in some past, happier times than the present. For those who didn’t get it, read it again; but for those who really didn’t get it, read it yet again, three times! Now, we continue with a number:

5. Snowball

“Is it Christmas yet?” asked the kid whose parents don’t want to buy any gifts for Christmas. What’s this got to do with any of our app maker for android schemes and blueprints? –Nothing, but it was worth mentioning nevertheless (every kid in the world deserves presents!) Point being made, with Meebo and mIRC slowly going into decadence (or Sean Bean destinies), Snowball now becomes THE messaging app among messaging apps –and it beats others by little. But, someone somewhere said that “the devil is in the details”, and Snowball is nothing about details. What’s different with the app is the ability to produce high quality chat sessions (girlfriend-boyfriend or parents-everyone relations) by merging SMS, MMS, GMS and the Indian Space Program into one exclusive piece of history for future audiences to remember. Honestly, the last and the thing before that is made up (a Space Program doesn’t make any sense to be integrated into an app, and GMS is an Israeli based trance duo), with the first two being even more than true: read on and find out how you can become the next app maker for android billionaire philanthropic pacifist. If you decided to read more, continue with reading; if not, skip to page 1 and read everything again (heh, heh…). Snowball offers users a floating ‘Super Mario-esque’ bubble thingy which allows communication to happen between two sides (yay, science!) with style. If not satisfied, check this out: Snowball is compatible with each and every other messaging app out there on the market –FB messenger, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Slack, Meebo, mIRC, Windows Messenger (if it still existed) and many, many more. Snowball is, wait for it – free, in beta and waiting for you to download it and spread the word among app maker for android fanatics. Or ordinary people, do as you well please.

6. Square Order

So, you’ve moved to New York (or San Francisco) and now you need an app? “Who doesn’t?”, we say to that, and pull up an aggressive ‘cheers’ move which breaks our full glasses on the spot, turning them to glass dots which spread on the floor along with the red wine spilling on your expensive carpet. Why is this important? – For starters, it’s October, and you know how bad wine spills tend to be for an expensive carpet, in October. Another thing: app maker for android tends to dissolve our previous knowledge into tiny constituents, which in return, makes no sense whatsoever. Square Order was recently upgraded to version 2.0, which is always good (remember people, change to better is always great!). Oh, and the app: well, it’s an app with the possibility to make predictions on the spot for food and beverage you might like when going to a Square affiliated restaurant, with hard-working guys taking your order before you even arrive (is that cool, or what?) and sit yourself and your significant other. Square Order takes your order and enables a glimpse into a restaurant menu(s), cancelling orders and on top of that – adding suggestions into a virtual suggestions box, which we guess, just like its physical counterpart – no one likes to read. Enjoy your app maker for android induced meal!

October 16, 2014

Android App Creator Software Solutions

Welcome back to our blog, where all kinds of magical things happen: readers find out about new technology, writers use readers to snatch some cookies out of their cookie jars, and owners eat those cookies, which eventually leads to obesity and all kinds of health problems (again, a joke). Nevertheless, when it comes to android app creator software solutions, who better to ask than us? In continuation, read more (seriously America, read more) and find how to stop eating sugar stuffed cookies and start living healthy, with or without mobile applications. And yes, this article continues from the previous one, so, there’s that as an excuse to start with a number that’s not one.

3. Fitbit

Who needs to do fitness when you have the app for it? People say Fitbit acts as a tracking app that connect with other tracking apps and makes life that much easier for all its users (and harder for all non-users). Potential users – do not worry, for Fitbit is not the Adobe Flash of apps, with its countless annoying update reminders and other frustration inducing acts of non-violence (which tend to make you want to throw out your chair from your window, come down, pick it up again, and throw it again – making a perpetual ‘for’ cycle of never-ending, well, cycles). And what’s more or less more important, Fitbit is free (as any other app mentioned by far), with android app creator software abilities beyond comprehension of a single human mind: i.e. a thing that doesn’t make sense in this sentence. Of course, what’s an app without challenges (non-leaking challenges, that is): the famous user (you) can now choose to challenge 10 other fitness aficionados in various contests, such as: Weekend Warrior, Daily Showdown, Hustle Workweek and other two-word expression turned exercises. And if you happened to possess Fitbit previously and were tad bit disappointed from its tracker options, the developers invested some of their time to improve it, so now it’s improved. But be careful, for android app creator software solutions come as they go, so grab them while you can! Or just purchase the app from Google Play Store, whichever is fine.

4. Autodesk SketchBook

No, it’s not Odesk, and no, it’s not AutoCad – it’s Autodesk Sketchbook and it’s free (as you didn’t knew that in the first place, an inspector gadget like you… anyways…), for enjoyment of the whole family! The basic version was available for a brief period in the Google Play Store, but the developers said: what the heck, why not Zoidberg? (An internet meme – it’s funny – check it out, for reference see Futurama.) And so the story goes: one day, android app creator software went berserk and drew itself out of thin air, and a legend named Autodesk SketchBook was born. The software allows and offers (hah, a redundancy) usage of all kinds of brushes, dots, rectangular shapes and more, such as, well, square or triangle shapes. The desktop version comes with a price of $65, and as soon as you install it on your machine, you can then proceed with installing the android version on your smartphone – because, what’s less boring than constantly installing the same software on different platforms? Various features are offered too (by the app, of course): “synthetic pressure sensitivity” (sci-fi something), dropbox compatibility and cloud storage space (proceed with your own risk). And to top even that: its interface is customizable, slick, bold, good and everything in-between those adjectives in a typical thesaurus by your choice. The free version is in no way better than android app creator software ventures, but hey: all you need is micro-transactions! Enjoy your money well spent!

October 16, 2014

Free Android App Maker Tips

In today’s over saturated app world, finding the best free android app maker would take ages from your precious time, and still – it will not satisfy your everyday app exploration needs. To save you from such troubles, physical and emotional both, here’s some tips, tricks, tutorials and most important – app lists that will save you time and probably make you a better man when it comes to free android app consumerism.

Also, as a side note, here you’ll find all kinds of apps – some already seen, others not – so take this as a formal warning to the continuation of reading the featured post. Another also: be careful of the new business model triple A and indie developers try to shove in buyers’ faces –the infamous “micro-transactions”, which often become more expensive than the app nurturing them and reach the paying threshold faster than a speeding bullet (an unnecessary comparison). Here we go:

1. Box 3.5

It has letters and numbers in its title, so it must be slick and smart by its mere definition of things. Free android app maker indeed, Box 3.5 follows through with its simple design, minimal color scheme and Zen interface, without implying to any kind of religious movements, nor fanatic sects. What’s Box 3.5? –The app represents itself as “cloud storage” for business and regular clients both. Ah, who are we kidding: the business crowd will see more usefulness in the app than regular mortals, but whatever is the case – Box 3.5can find its place among various class representatives, starting from capitalists’ corporations and ending with anarchy-communist guerilla juntas (not that is recommended for such users, because of NSA and similar Orwell entities). Now back to our software: with its latest upgrade, users can use it as a regular cloud client, or as a free android app maker, whichever they (you) prefer.The support for folders, favorites and other KitKat shenanigans is there, becoming bolder with every upgrade consecutively (don’t know why we used such a long word to describe such redundancies). However, creating checklists comes as nothing new to Box users -all available within the Box Notes option, of course – when it’s open and highlighted (did you really think this was iCloud?) And the best, well, Box 3.5 is free, but comes with a price of selling your soul to the devil named Google Play Store, which in return takes all your personal information and sells them to evil corporations –but hey, at least you can now upload things on the Internet (really, don’t take the Google Play thing as a serious statement, it’s a joke people!)Still not convinced about Box 3.5? –We won’t argue with you, as long as you keep our secret about free android app maker software promotions. Cheers!

2. BrainWave

Oh boy! Just look at the title this app possesses: BrainWave –first thing that comes to mind when such powerful words are pronounced is the movie “The Matrix”, followed by a white rabbit and a mythological archetype dream-like figure, known as Morpheus, or dream-bender. But seriously, the app is an OEM (whatever’s the meaning of that, check with Uncle Google), which allows users to wave their hands like lunatics in front of their phone (while no one’s watching, of course) and prove that indeed, technology is becoming smarter than its users, slash creators. But, getting philosophical will lead us nowhere, just like Franklin’s kite lead the man to near electrocution by death, or vice versa: without any kinds of touchy-touchy screen gestures, BrainWave recognizes your hand movements through magic and lets you play some music via telekinesis – making progress with transmigrations, metempsionics, free android app maker (s) and other things that’re not yet proven by real science. And, it’s free.

October 8, 2014

The Best Android App Builder Software Roundup – Part 2

By continuing our two-part article tradition on various app subjects, ranging from the initial steps of creating new mobile applications to finding the best android app builder software there is, we expand our list with several new android apps used to bring joy in otherwise grim social circles.

1. Findery

The co-founder of Flickr, Caterina Fake, decided one app hit wasn’t enough, so she extended her visionary mind into creating Findery –another picture sharing tool. But, as it turns out, Findery offers a lot more than its predecessor Flickr: it helps people find “the places you’ve always wanted to visit and the places you will soon discover” (as stated by the developer), it shares stories and user created tips, and much, much more. Theirearliest (and main) goal is to redirect lots of people to the platform.

2. All Woman

When soul singer Lisa Stansfield found out about Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s children app, she probably said something along the lines of: “What the heck, I can do it better!” and ran toward the nearest computing machine, typing down her original idea in a word processing unit. Released by developer PureSolo, it possesses 17 master tracks extrapolated from Lisa’s song catalogue, so you won’t have to look for additional android app builder software or other plug-ins that’ll slow down your overall music experience. If you happen to be one of those hardcore Lisa Stansfield fans, then you can choose to share your recorded audio online and use the app’s on-screen lyrics as your backing producer.

3.FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Remember those times when you were beating sports games like flies on a hot summer day? Yes, we neither – that’s why, here’s the newest FIFA mobile installment which, aside from looking very good and crisp when it comes to graphics, its main focus is on the Ultimate Team Mode (beware of micro-transactions, which end at the $100 dollar level). If however, you don’t have any spare time left (because of your busy love life), then feel free to try the Quick Simulation Mode. Enjoy while you can!

4. The Nightmare Cooperative

The game-app hybrid, or whatever the kids are calling it these days, is a great mixture of rogue-like brawling and dungeon-crawling fun. An acclaimed iOS hit, The Nightmare Cooperative now comes for android, and it’s bigger, better and, well, not cheaper. For roughly $3, you control several characters, all distinct from each other – just like in that Japanese anime adult cartoon named Ninja Scroll. They guys behind it claim they’ve actually made the app from their own android app builder software, so enjoy while you’re having fun playing it, or vice versa.

5. Star Wars: Commander

It’s like ‘Clash of Clans’ on Cantina juices, plus some extra Wookies and lightsaber duels. Although Star Wars strategies date even further back (see: Empire at War), the Commander series for mobile devisesfollows the same pattern which proved successful in past times. It’s free to play and polished well enough it can even mesmerize themillennial Earth population. Also, fans can notice some familiar characters entering the in-game world, interacting with players and abandoning them as all hope becomes lost. But, do not worry, because the return of the Jedi will take place sometimes in the near future, young padawan. Now you’re ready to embrace the force, and find an appropriateandroid app builder software which’ll make the best lightsaber in the whole Galaxy.

6. Anomaly Defenders

Unlike others, android owners actually have the luxury of playing high number quality tower defense games, without paying for additional android app builder software schematics and blueprints, and this would be a direct impact on Apple and their iOS’s. It can be yours for $4.5, tower cannons and all.