September 15, 2014

Where to Store When you Create an App for Free?

There are so many free App makers around, it’s difficult to choose which one to use.  But there is one very different aspect that may affect your decision.  App makers come in two formats – those that you download and those that you use entirely within the Cloud.  Both types work in very similar ways but that one fact sets them very much apart, and with Cloud security under scrutiny following troubles with celebrity photos, you may not feel that it is entirely trustworthy.

If you are creating an App, it means that you have a new idea that is potentially saleable and may be the next big thing.  If its stored on your hard drive then you know that, provided that your anti-virus software is up to date and your firewall works, it is safe from anyone finding and taking it from you, but the same might not be so if you are storing it on the main servers of some Cloud services provider.   We are that security is the biggest concern of Cloud companies, but the recent loss of iPhone data shows that they are not infallible.  Plainly you need to ensure that you are as safe as possible online.  There are several ways in which you can help ensure that your data remains safe, including:

Getting creative with passwords.  Stay away from the obvious – birthdays and other notable dates – and pick something obscure or even random when creating passwords for your Cloud storage account.  You need to outweigh the security you want with your ability to recall what a password is, but the more obscure you go, the safer your data will be.

Back-up all of your data.  It’s okay to have your main project on Cloud storage, but there is no harm in making a back-up to your hard drive or even just to DVD.  Should Cloud data then either become stolen or corrupted, you will have a back-up that you can use and probably even prove your Intellectual Property rights with.

Go with who you know.  There are many companies offering Cloud storage, but some are better known that others and reputations are earned.  If you have sensitive data, it might be worth storing it on the servers of better known companies rather than the Hipster one your friend suggests.

The App that you are creating has a huge amount of potential and until you have managed to release it and get it listed in the on-line stores, it could be stolen and reused by someone else, so it is in your best interests to makes sure that it is secure.  Cloud storage is fine, provided that you follow a few simple rules, your App creation will be not only free and fruitful, but also safe.

September 15, 2014

What is The Best App Building Software?

Ever wondered exactly which of the free App building pieces of software it would be best to download?There are now so many out there that the App maker is spoilt for choice it becomes increasingly confusing picking the right one for you.  First, you need to ask yourself what are you trying to create; is it going to be a game?  Is it a business App?  Is it something educational?  Different functions will have different core App building programs and there is actually not a lot of cross-over between them the first part to the answer for what is the best piece of free App building software is that it depends on what you want to make.

Let’s, for the sake of argument, suppose that we want to make a business-orientated App.  There are thousands of Apps of this sort being generated and they attract a lot of attention.  If you manage to develop something that hits a niche not already catered for, there’s the chance of getting many uploads, which will get your name known if it is free, or earn you some money if it goes for a cursory amount.  Either way, creating that App is a worthwhile exercise, if only you can figure out the best free App Maker to use.

Let’s suppose that you want to make something akin to Note Stacks, the easy to use note adding App that allows you to keep a pile of virtual Post-It notes on your mobile device.  You could pick several different free App makers to produce something similar; you could use AppyPie, or Good Barber, or even BiznessApps – the list is almost endless.  There are plenty to choose from but once you have chosen the App maker that appeals to you the most, the actual process couldn’t be easier.

You have put your ideas down on paper, not comes the time to put those same ideas down in the App maker interface and start to build your App up from the ground.  Most of the free App makers use a simple drag and drop system where you pick pre-programmed blocks and place them where you want them to be on your background.  You can save your project off and then start to move items around until you are happy that everything – controls and user interfaces – are in the place you want them to be so that it is both functional and pleasing to look at and use.   When you are finally happy with your creation, you can publish it to the App stores directly, removing all of the hassle of having to understand different parts of technology to get your App in the stores.  App creation tools do it all for you so that you can just sit back and watch your App fly off the virtual shelves.

App creation is now simple and straightforward, and with all the different tools required to build, publish and market all in one place, there’s nothing stopping you from getting your own App out there.

September 9, 2014

Finding the best app development software freeproject

Newzoo’s market research crunched numbers that were all in favor of the European mobile gaming community –24 million United Kingdom residents were enjoying mobile entertainment apps on smartphones and tablets, a group that omits previous PC and console enthusiasts. The app development software free project was never more demanded, with people playing games on every corner of the Earth (which ironically enough is spherical in shape).

Continuing our previous statements, and we learn how mobile games flooded the app marketsince launching of the iOS and Android app stores from Apple and Google respectively.Present day and an over-abundance of mobile games hits us while we try to find a tailored game for our own entertainment needs – whether it would be a puzzle, platform game, or another form of interactive software which main focus leads to entertainment of the masses. The main reason iTunes and Google Play Store are so popular among customers (reaching toall demographic audienceworldwide) is the integration of various game categories (and games)at online stores’ listing, with the best ones being touchscreen games.

Now, one of the most famous (Castle Clout rip-offs) flash ‘dragger’ mobile games – Angry Birds, recently hit 263 million users actively playing it (as of 2012); Candy Crush Saga also showed some huge results accompanying their game: 600 million plays per day. Most contemporary (or modern) games are in a possession of the “social” interaction tool that allows ‘viral’ spreading (and sharing) of it through one of the social network news feeds (just like Aldous Huxley predicted). To top even that, pursuing of an app development software free project can lead to major changes in the digital community – like the student who inspired Angry Birds with his Castle Clout game (his name is Liam Bowmer). Additionally, these ‘social friendly’ games (annoying notifications aside) improve already existing connections among Facebook (or other social network’s) friends.

A rising trend was seen to a recent phenomenon named “freemium” games. How they work is, a user can download them for free, but in order to advance faster it has to pay an in-game sum equivalent to an outside currency (usually named‘gold’ or taking names from various precious jewels). With the in-game currency, users can buy extra lives, additional levels, virtual items, skins, avatars, stage entrance or another mechanic entangled in the pay-to-win business model. This particular model leads to an over saturation of “free” games, with the audience demanding a one-time deal (price tag) over an in-game purchasing ecosystem. Parents should also be careful with their kids playing such games – for the kids would end up spending money on a thing they don’t fully understand (an extra combo, life or other money sucking traps).

Another trend that hit customers without warning (a good one) is these games’ availability for Android and iOS devices both. This was not always true, but such improvement cannot hurtanyone. And to use the over-used phrase “searching a needle in a haystack”, let’s take a look to what was redeemed as most popular entertainment at the online app stores.

GTA Vice City – maybe it’s not made with app development software free tools, but it still keeps the charms even after10 years of its initial release.

Angry Birds Star Wars–an obvious choice for the proven rip-off game, now amalgamated into the Star Wars George Lucas’s made universe. Remember kids, anti-gravity is always fun!

Temple Run 2–it’s like living in a perpetual Indiana Jones scene where the protagonist is being chased by a huge boulder that wants to end his life. Temple Run offers countless hours of entertainment – free of charge.

Jetpack Joyride–Barry Steakfries (yes, that’s the name of the protagonist) roams through the imaginary world of Jetpack Joyride while being controlled by one button, and one button only. Who needs app development software free schematics when you got to play free games?

September 9, 2014

How to find and/or create free app

The introduction of iOS app stores by Apple was both beneficial and helpful for users and developers alike (especially for the ones who wanted to create free app solutions for their particular needs). This works both ways too –developers get to communicate with anabundance of future app users and customers get a free preview of various apps for their devices (MacBook, iPad and most importantly – iPhone).

That being said, in present times it seems like the App stores get lot of criticism coming from developers unbeknown to the general consumer-oriented public. They (the devs.) argue that mobile applications developed from less-known studios (or startups) receive less attention than their general counterparts –the biggest name app creators in the industry. Building upon the previous conclusion, former Apple executiveJean-Louis Gasséeclaimed new ways on how to improve the already existing App Store in an open letter addressed to no other than Tim Cook. Tim Cook took the challenge and expressed great interest to help potential users/customers on finding, or create free appsolutions (the best ones) for themselves. Here’s what every user should know before venturing into the Apps Store maze of various productsin order to find the best possible app offering.

Since a big range of different quality software is made available at the App Store, including category sorting and less-known titles placement, it can be somewhat hard to pin-point the exact app in accordance to one’s own needs.To help with it, the App Store offers three already existing view modes:Categories, Featured and Top Charts (note that by default, users always end up using the Featured page-view). The Featured mode lists theme-unique selections (one of little being Invaluable Utilities and Great Games) and recent released applications. So, if you’re looking for a somewhat ‘obscure’ never-seen-before app, try changing the view mode for starters.

Further scrolling down brings you to anewCategory feature, which quite frankly, doesn’t offer as much as it’s supposed to do. Only a small number of selected titles get to be featured on the Category (and Collection) mode, and usually they either sell really well, or caught the eye of someone on Apple Store’s staff. However, on the right side the more abundantCategories menu is located, offering 21 types of various apps via its pull-down menu. To name but a few: software, games, business, developer tools, create free app and other.Choosing the right category can save you lots of time and effort.

Another thing to look out for is the Games specific category option. While other category lists are somewhat indefinite (like business or fitness applications that offer quite a number of apps), this is not the case with the Games category option. So if you want to relax after a long weekend of paperwork, make your own entertainment by scrolling to the bottom of the aforementioned page: what you’ll find is an expanded list of game genres such as RPG (role playing games), action, puzzle, adventure and other. So, it seems that the easiest thing to do in the App Store is find some real entertainment value (aside of create free app solutions which are yet to be listed).

By continuing, we find the Top Charts page offer, which allows a glimpse in other peoples’ money spending habits and different apps downloading. The default option offers three app rows: free, paid and top-grossing applications. What’s happening here is a total domination of Microsoft, Apple or other tech giants’ applications, so the matter in fact is – you’re just not that free to search for obscure and less-known apps in this section. Better try the Category collapsing menu (not to be confused with the general Category drop-down menu) in order to find the best suiting app for you or your business’s needs. Or you can always choose to create free app solutions with AppsBar.

September 5, 2014

How to Make an Android App for Free

It is possible to make your App idea into something that actually works – and may make you money too – and do it all for free, but do you need massive computer skills to do it?

Ever wondered exactly how easy it is to make an Android App?  Sure, you know someone whose friend made and launched an App some months previously, and that’s pretty cool, but it’s not like making one yourself, is it.  And now you have a great idea and you want to actually make something useful out of it, but where to start?  Firth thing is to head to your favourite search engine, and insert a search string featuring the key words App, Android, and Free and see the huge number of hits that come up.  Plainly there are lots of free Android App makers out there, but that just leaves you with another dilemma – which one to use?

You might just pick one, but rather than haphazardly select one on the basis of what it looks like and what the blurb accompanying it – usually written by someone who has a vested interest in it and therefore is probably biased –then you may not get exactly what you want or need.  It may be better to do a little research and decide which one is best for you.  However, assuming that you have done that, and have selected an appropriate App – say, Appy-Pie – what steps do you then need to do to turn your App dream into reality?

The first thing that you really need is to have a step though of your App through.  There’s no point starting off on your App builder and having little idea of what you want to achieve.  You can use anything from programs in the Microsoft Office suite to a good old pen and paper to create a structure and point to your App.  This means that once you start your app builder, you will know what you want it to look like and do.  It might be a simple business App, something instructional, or even a game, but you still need to know how it is going to work and what someone would expect to see at each screen.

Once you have you step through, you need to register with your App maker, which usually requires an active email address.  If you have one of those, go right ahead into the App maker, but if not, take a little time to sign up with one of the many email providers.  Setting up an account is free and takes only a few minutes to do.  You will usually use this email address as your identification when you log in to you App builder software, so make a note of it.  You will also need a password that you can remember and once you have both of those pieces of information you can create a new account.

App makers come in two varieties – those that you download to your computer or tablet and those which operate solely in the Cloud.  Either type will do and it actually makes little difference to the operation.  With your account open through a log in, you are free to start your App building.  Most App makers have a number of readymade templates that you can use, and once you have selected a design that you like and think fits the mood of your App, you can construct it using drag and drop elements that build up the functionality as you want it.  There is no coding required as it is all within the App builder, and publishing the finished article to the web is simple and painless.

Making an Android App for free is suddenly so simple that anyone can do it, and with helpful steps along the way, you will soon become a master of App building.