Menus are NOT just for food

April 30th

If we were to play a little game of word association, 99.9% of you, upon hearing the word menu, would think food, restaurant or something along those lines.  Well, in the world of appsbar, menu can be used for countless things and is perhaps the most useful tool available to its users.

While half the fun of appsbar is discovering all of the uses of the tools and how they can be utilized to build your perfect app, I wanted to share a few ideas for the menu function

Own a salon? Use the menu to list all of your services, along with a brief description.  The menu tool also gives you the ability to create categories, so you can group your goods or services according to relevance, i.e. men, women or children.  If you work for an ad agency, the menu is perfect to list all of your co-workers, complete with picture and job title.  And of course, if you own a restaurant, you can use the menu tool to display, well your menu, to all of your customers.   The ability to change your menu through your appsbar account insures that all of your most current information will be available to your users.

If you haven’t seen it yet

April 28th

In case you are one of those people that does not have a Facebook account (yes, I’m talking to all 10 of you), I wanted to share some screen shots from the recently revamped Appsbar page.

Identifying new types of apps daily

April 27th

Ok, we never claimed to be the sharpest tools in the shed but we’d like to think we have a pretty good handle on this whole app building thing.  We spent nearly two years trying to identify all of the various types of apps that users might want to build and just when we thought we’ve figured it all out, someone comes up with another brilliant idea….

Recently, one of our beta testers decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his current girlfriend and he needed a unique way to propose.  He and his girlfriend (now fiance….she said yes) were taking a mini vacation to Disney World where he had planned a romantic dinner at Cinderella’s Castle.  She had recently broken her iPhone so our beta tester decided he would build her a custom app (free on appsbar) on the new iPhone he bought her (not free).  He made the app to go along with a princess them and created tabs such as “the cast” (brief bio of the couple), “fairytale” (story of how they met), “pictures” (self explanatory, duh) and several other cool features.  By the time she got to the last tab, it was evident he was about to propose.

At appsbar, we won’t guarantee you a lifetime of happiness with the girl (or guy) of your dreams but we do guarantee to provide you with the tools necessary to make a fully functional mobile application for free.  It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s easy, it’s free….it’s appsbar

Contender vs Pretender

April 27th

For those of you who are sports fanatics, I am sure you are familiar with the term “contender or pretender.” For those of you that aren’t, it is often used come playoff time in any sport to label someone that has a legitimate shot to win the championship (superior to its peers) or someone that looks good on paper but is inferior to their competition (lack of skill or the case of app making, functionality).  Just so everyone is clear, when it comes to app building, appsbar is the champ and everyone else is just a pretender