Current Project (and some more press)

August 26th

We have been working around the clock on the upcoming release of the discography module. While I can’t get into much detail, I will tell you that it enables bands and musicians to offer their music, whether free or available by purchase, to all users that have downloaded their app. Pretty sweet huh?

We are also working on a few other cool features relating to books….SHHHHHHH

Lastly, we have been getting tons of press. Our most recent article was in Business to Community in which of one of our Founders, Scott Hirsch was interviewed

You can read the article here

We’ve been quiet (but very busy)

August 11th

Keeping up with a blog is proving to be very challenging.  There are not enough hours in the day to balance a wife, kids, the start of football season and revolutionizing the app world…luckily, my lack of blog activity is not reflective of the activity at appsbar headquarters!

New Milestone

We have reached 25,000 members – for more information, check out our most recent press release

New Features

Our amazing users have created so many apps that have been published, we wanted to provide everyone with the ability to search them all to see what their peers have been up to, as well as to provide them with ideas for apps of their own.  Check out the appsbar gallery

Now you can reach out to your loyal customers, in real time, on your own time, with whatever deal you want to offer – right through your own app. Small businesses know the best way to reward customers (and attract new ones) is to give them a discount on their favorite stuff. With appsbar, any businesses can design and deliver their own coupons – as many as they want, as often as they want.  This was such big news that it deserves its own press release….and it got it!

I will do my best to keep you updated on what we are working on and releasing to the world but appsbar has become so popular that there is a good chance you’ll hear about it before I blog out it!

Stay tuned….