Creating a Loyalty Program through your app

Dec. 30, 2011

We are often engaged with our users regarding the many uses of mobile apps particularly for small businesses. The common issue for many local retailers seems to be how to best use their mobile application to increase traffic.

So you’ve used Appsbar to create the app and its in the hands of your customers. They can see your sales, specials, events, etc…what else?

How about creating a Loyalty Program through the app? Rather than printing up cards with bar codes and handing / mailing them out, push rewards through the app. The people that have downloaded the app are what the radio business would refer to as a “P1″ or a primary user / customer. They are sold on your product / service already or they would never allow you to reside on their phone.

For our part, we’ve added AppsCoupon, a function that allows you to push out digital coupons to your “P1″ users.

Reward them. Push out a 10 percent savings, buy-one-get-one, or even a free gift to those who are using the app exclusively.

You’ve just created a rewards program hassle free. Congratulations, we are very proud of you.

At the movies

Dec. 29, 2011

Movies aren’t usually a spur of the moment entertainment decision. It is a 90 minute commitment (minimum) and typically you have to be compelled to go to the theater in the first place by some slickly-edited, snappy sound-tracked trailer.

But what if you find yourself in front of a movieplex with some time to kill?

Movies, a Flixter app on the Android Market, is a pretty good answer to that question / scenario. It offers reviews, trailers, maps to movie locations, ratings, and just about everything you would need to know to make that snap decision.

“War Horse” turned out to be pleasant impulse-driven distraction!

What impulse buying decision could you help influence with an app made at Appsbar? If you are an entrepreneur ….that is a great place to start.

Global mobile

Dec. 28, 2011

It was interesting this morning as I was reading up on mobile app news (part of my daily ritual) that many of the stories I came across had an international feel.

Mobile apps are not only a burgeoning sector here in North America. Today alone there is news out of India, Dubai, and even Kenya where the sector is giving rise to new economies.

The Kenya story is particularly interesting in that it details how developers are finally serving low-end customers who have limited access to smartphones

For serious app users only

Dec. 27, 2011

Serious app users use Android. At least that’s the consensus of a recent study that suggests iPhone users are predominantly downloading games, while Android users are more apt to download a non-game app.

Read the story here.