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We make it easy…Create a Band App

So you’re in a band and you want to create a band app to share with all of your fans? You’ve come to the right place. As the number one Android App Builder in the world, can help you build your band app as a Google Play app, an HTML5 app, a Facebook App or as a website widget in no time at all. Your friends with Blackberries and Windows Phone will be able to view your HTML5 app as a Blackberry App and Windows Phone App.

The first thing we did for you was to start you off with seven page types that we thought were imperative as part of the DIY App Builder experience for a band as popular as yours (don’t worry, you can add as many pages as you’d like)



The About Page is pretty simple – it gives you the ability to use text, images or a combination of both to tell your fans about the band, how you got started or any inside, behind the scenes information you’d like to share.



The Members Page of your band app is your opportunity to list all of the band members. You can include photos and descriptions of everyone. You can even add categories, such as guitarist or vocals, if you want to really breakdown all of your members.



The Discography Page of your band app is where you really get a chance to share the most important part about a band, the music. There is a lot of content to provide on this page but it is pretty easy. You are going to start off by uploading an image for the artist or band. You are then going to click the Add button to create your first album. At this point, you need to upload an image for your album, perhaps your album cover and then enter the album name, release date and a brief description of the album. Make sure you hit the Insert Button. Now, you can either choose to add more albums (you will notice a drop down box that will display the albums as you create them) or move on to the next phase, which is adding tracks – click Add New Track to This Album. Simply upload the track (song) in MP3 format and enter the track name. You can even provide a link to purchase the track, such as a PayPal link, which is very useful if you only uploaded a preview of the song. After you hit Insert, you just repeat the process to upload additional albums or tracks.


Photos and Videos

The Photos and Videos Page needed when building a band app is pretty self explanatory. These pages give you the ability to upload various photos and videos (from YouTube or in MP4 layout) about your band to your mobile app. You have the option of choosing from several different layouts – some layouts allow you to provide a description about the content you are uploading.



The Social Links Page on your band app is your opportunity to provide your users with instant access to your various social networking accounts – you’ve already spent a bunch of time creating these accounts so it only makes sense that you want to have them display on your mobile app. You can choose from a list of the most popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Youtube to link to your new band app or you can use one that we haven’t even thought of yet. Another feature that you want to take advantage of for your band app is the ability to creative multiple accounts for the same social network – for example, you could list all of the Facebook accounts for the various members in your band.



The Contact Page of your band app is required and let’s everyone know exactly how to get in touch with the band after they download your new custom app you built. Perhaps this is where you enter your publicist’s or PR firm’s contact information in the app. Simply provide the physical address, phone, email and website information, so everyone who downloads the new band app you built with appsbar, the best app builder, can contact you directly through your app.