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We make it easy…Create a Bar App

Digi, the app building wizard here at appsbar, would like to say cheers to all the hard working bartenders, bar owners and managers. appsbar has created a mobile app maker for bars with the ability to keep you and your patrons in touch. Everyone has a website and a few social media profiles, although the majority of individuals and business do not have a mobile app. The community at appsbar has apps because they discovered our amazing program.

Sound too good to be true? It’s the truth, Digi promises and so do more than 100,000 individuals that have already signed up. Here is how it works. You sign up for a free account and simply upload pictures, videos, links and copy. When your happy with what you’ve uploaded, click publish and your app will be submitted to our app coaches for a quick review. If our app team has any suggestions they will contact you via email and when the process is complete your app will be published. Your bar app will be available on and from there fans, friends and supporters can download your app to all mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Using the premier technology, HTML5, your app operates on all smartphones, so there is no need to create separate apps for each mobile phone provider. In addition to, your app will be published to Google Play for free. Did you know there are more mobile phone users searching Google Play than any other app store? You can send all your customers to download your app, plus you may even pick up a few new ones that are searching Google Play for bars in your area.



As seen in the picture on the right the About Page is where you can include a summary and pictures about your establishment. Much like the about page on your website, except here it will look way cooler because on mobile everything looks superior.



The Menus Page is where you will have mouth’s watering with the delicious food and drinks you offer.



List your events here. The great thing about apps and appsbar is you can update your app as many times as you like, so your content stays fresh and people keep checking in to see what’s new.



Upload pictures of your bar, fun pics of past events and any other fun pictures you have saved on your desktop.



The Specials Page is another page that you may update as much as you like. Pages like specials and events are great because they keep users of your app coming back for more.



The Social Page is where you can include all the profiles you have created around the net. Now the world can get to them all from once place, your bar app.



The Contact Page is another convenience of having your own app. Here you can list your address and phone number, so everyone knows exactly where your located.



The Coupons Page great because it gives people another reason to stop by your bar, especially if there a newbie and haven’t been there before.