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We make it easy…Create a Celebrity App

All actresses, actors, celebrities and models have a Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook profile and website. Digi, the app building wizard, is here to enlighten you about a new, sexy way to package your content on smartphones. appsbar, has created a free system where everyone can easily sign up and make an app. It’s as easy as creating a profile on any social network, except now you have your own mobile app that can be downloaded and appreciated on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. Your fans, supporters, booking agents and producers can have your app on their mobile phones and tablets along side the rest of the apps they have downloaded and visit regularly.

Our app builder was created for the famous and soon to be famous. There is absolutely no charge to make, publish or update your app. We have included a few pages that are standard in a celebrity app and you can add or remove as many pages you like. After you have added everything to your app, appsbar will publish it to appcatch and Google Play for free. You may promote your new appcatch profile to your fans and on all your social media pages. From appcatch, everyone can download the app to Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry phones and tablets.

The pictures you see below are the six pages that will shape your app. If you have any questions before, during or after you create an app, do not hesitate to contact or professional customer service at customerservice@appsbar.com. Making a celebrity app with appsbar is so easy, more than 13,000 apps have been published to date and if you are unclear about any part of the process our friendly app coaches are here to help you.

Celebrities that have their own product lines can sell from the app with our PayPal integration and you can take deposits for gigs in the app.



The About Page is where you can upload your pictures and tell the world about yourself and your achievements. You can include your bio, press and anything else you would like to share.



The Booking Page allows people to fill out the information you want from them and inquire about booking you for appearances, club dates, movies and TV shows.



The Photos Page is your own personal mobile gallery. Upload all the pictures you have from modeling shoots, premiers and the set.



The Videos Page is where you can enter links to your YouTube videos and upload MP4′s. All the red carpet events that you have filmed, can be featured in your celebrity app.



The Social Links Page is where you can add all your social media profiles. Having them all listed in one place on your app will make it easy for your fans to follow you everywhere.



The Contact Page can list your agents or managers info so that people can hire you. Once you are done with this page and have added any additional pages you deem necessary, your ready for Hollywood.