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We make it easy…Create a Cooking App

You are a Chef or you like to cook and you want to create an app to share your recipes with people on their smartphones.  You’ve come to the right place. As the number one Android App Builder in the world, can help you build your app as a Google Play app, an HTML 5 app, a Facebook App or as a website widget in no time at all.

The first thing we did for you was to start you off with seven page types that we thought were imperative for a company such as yours (don’t worry, you can add as many pages as you’d like).



The Contact Page is required and let’s everyone know exactly how to get in touch with your company.  Simply provide the physical address, phone, email and website information. Most smartphones have one touch dial and one touch email so let people get in touch with you fast.



The Social Links Page is your opportunity to provide your users with instant access to your various social networking accounts – you’ve already spent a bunch of time creating these accounts so it only makes sense that you want to have them display on your mobile app.  You can choose from a list of the most popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo or you can use one that we haven’t even thought of yet.


Request Info

The Request Info Page lets you create a form or forms for the user to fill out that can be sent to you via an email address that you provide when creating the page. The user can fill this out asking you a question about your company. You can ask your users questions, let them ask you questions, or any combination of the two. It’s up to you!



The Videos Page gives you the ability to upload various videos (from YouTube or in MP4 layout) about yourself or your cooking.  You have the option of choosing from several different layouts – some layouts allow you to provide a description about the content you are uploading. We have all seen cooks on TV shows preparing their delicious meals. Share some video of you teaching how to make your creations right here.



The Photos Page is pretty self explanatory.  This page gives you the ability to upload various photos of your company or work you have done.  You have the option of choosing from several different layouts – some layouts allow you to provide a description about the content you are uploading. Nothing tantalizes the taste buds like pictures of the delicious meals you have prepared so let the world see your creations right in your app.



The Recipes Page is a menu style page designed for you to name a recipe and then write out the ingredients needed and how to prepare it. From weeknight dinners to signature dishes you can let your users know what they are and how to put them together here.



The About Page is pretty simple – it gives you the ability to use text, images or a combination of both to tell people about your Company, how you got started, or any inside, behind the scenes information you’d like to share. Listing your cooking school, any restaurants you have worked at, or what made you get into cooking can give your users a bit of insight into what made you the cook you are today. Don’t be shy!