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We make it easy…Create a Family App

You have an awesome family and you want to share them with the world…or maybe your family lives far apart from one another and you just wanted an app builder that allows you to create a free mobile app that helps you keep in touch with everyone.  You’ve come to the right place. As the number one Android App Builder in the world, can help you build your band app as a Google Play app, an HTML5 app, a Facebook App or as a website widget in no time at all. Your friends with Blackberries and Windows Phone will be able to view your HTML5 app as a Blackberry App and Windows Phone App

The first thing we did for you was to start you off with six page types that we thought were imperative for a family such as yours (don’t worry, you can add as many pages as you’d like).



The Contact Page is required and let’s everyone know exactly how to get in touch with you. Simply provide the physical address, phone, email and website information.



The Social Links Page is your opportunity to provide your users with instant access to your various social networking accounts – you’ve already spent a bunch of time creating these accounts so it only makes sense that you want to have them display on your mobile app. You can choose from a list of the most popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo or you can use one that we haven’t even thought of yet.



The Calendar Page is a great way for you to let your app users know about any upcoming events that your family is participating.  Perhaps you want to let everyone know about your daughters swim lessons or end of the year graduation.  Maybe you are planning a family reunion that you want to remind everyone about. Just plug in the Event date and time and it will be displayed in this page for your users to see!!



The Videos Page gives you the ability to upload various videos (from YouTube or in MP4 layout) about you and your family.  You have the option of choosing from several different layouts – some layouts allow you to provide a description about the content you are uploading. With just about every smart phone having the ability to film videos, it is has never been easier to catch so many memorable events in our daily lives. This page provides a great opportunity to share some of those made for TV type moments



The Photos Page is pretty self explanatory.  This page gives you the ability to upload various photos of yourself and your family.  Similar to the videos page, you have the option of choosing from several different layouts – some layouts allow you to provide a description about the content you are uploading. Don’t be shy. That funny picture of the baby pulling the dog’s ears…share it. The action shot of your son scoring the winning touchdown in his pop warner football game….we want to see it.  The snapshot of the first dance at your daughter’s wedding…Digi loves a tear jerker.  Upload ‘em all!



The About Page is pretty simple – it gives you the ability to use text, images or a combination of both to tell people about yourself and your family, what makes you guys tick, and why you made the app!!!.