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We make it easy…Create an Online Business App

Want to help expand your online business by creating an app? You’ve come to the right place. As the number one Android App Builder in the world, can help you build your app as a Google Play app, an HTML 5 app, a Facebook App or as a website widget in no time at all. Your friends with Blackberries and Windows Phone will be able to view your HTML5 app as a Blackberry App and Windows Phone App.

The first thing we did for you was to start you off with eight page types that we thought were imperative for a business such as yours (don’t worry, you can add as many pages as you’d like)



The About Page is pretty simple – it gives you the ability to use text, images or a combination of both to tell people about your company, the company’s history, and any other relevant information. Here is the place to let people know your company history, your mission statement, and what it is that you do.



The Employees Page is a menu module that lets you list each of your team members, a biography of each member and an image. People love to see who they are working with.



The Services Page is your opportunity to list all of the services your company provides.  You can include descriptions of each service you provide, the price of the service and an image.  This is a great place to let your users know exactly what you can do for them.


Request Info

The Request Info Page lets you create a form or forms for the user to fill out that can be sent to you via an email address that you provide when creating the page. The user can fill this out asking any questions they may have for you. You can also create questions for them to answer. Either way the ability in interact with your potential clients is critical for an online business.



The Website Page allows you to include your website within the app so that the user can access all of the info you provide there. You spent time and money developing your site so having the site within the app is a necessity!



The Social Links Page is your opportunity to provide your users with instant access to your various social networking accounts – you’ve already spent a bunch of time creating these accounts so it only makes sense that you want to have them display on your mobile app.  You can choose from a list of the most popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo or you can use one that we haven’t even thought of yet.



The Contact Page is required and let’s everyone know exactly how to get in touch with you.  You cannot run an online business without an email address right? Simply provide the physical address, phone, email, and website information.



The Coupons Page allows you to create coupons that your user can use for discounts that your company is offering or will be offering in the future. They can be open ended or be created for use during a specific time frame. Coupons are all the craze so make some for your company.